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Please send us your questions if you do not find answers here, news@yoshioka.co.jp or please call us.

About us

What is Yoshioka Seiko’s mission?

We are always asking ourselves how we can satisfy quality demands from our customers. Our company has a flexible culture that encourages all levels of employees to voice their opinions and make suggestions. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve our operation to enhance our processing technologies and deliver more advanced, higher quality products to customers.

What is Yoshioka Seiko’s focus in company operation?

Our focus is manufacturing based on communication with customers. Listening to customers is essential to deliver 100% on customer requests "We prefer to have traditional "Face to Face" meetings with our customers even with advanced communications technologies available today.

What is our plan to work on new business?

Our strategy is on research and development of prototype products for research institutions and we seek to expand to related fields by solidifying relationships with companies and research institutions for novel product design and market introduction.

Do you explain about the company direction to employees?

We distribute "Management Guidelines" to all employees. Our president hosts meetings and explains about company policies and directions in order for all employees to understand the company goals and good visibility into management strategies and future company operations.

What organizations is Yoshioka Seiko members of?

We participate not only in academic groups like Precision Machinery Conference but also in other projects in which we cooperate with various high technology companies, one example is Yokohama City Advanced Technology Project. Participating in such conferences and projects, we are thinking how we can contribute to the society and use latest information and new trends in Science and Technology for training of our employees. We are a member of Kanagawa Small to Mid-size company Association (Doyukai). Such membership is useful for educating our employees on general business practices that will complement their technical skills.

What kind of trade shows does Yoshioka participate?

We exhibit at trade shows several times a year. Some examples are "Small to Medium Company General Exhibition", "Technical Show Yokohama", "Techno-Transfer Kawasaki", and "Semiconductor Packaging Technology".

Does Yoshioka Seiko work on environmental problems?

In our processing operation, metal chips are egested from grinding metal materials. We participate in recycling by sending them to recycling companies. We are also working with regional governments and other companies and are an approved Green Partner of Yokohama City Local Contribution Company.



What is your field of technologies?

Our advanced technologies in high precision processing allow us precision to the micron (1/1000mm) level in grinding, surface grinding, and lapping process. Manufacturing management technology to support small lot productions is often a building step towards large-volume product development. On the other hand, it is also one of our technical capabilities to examine customers' images including its feasibility to manufacture the commercial products.

Can you advise us about surface processing?

Yes, please send us your questions and our staff will respond to them. We will use our network to check the cost and the technical issues even for the process that we do not have direct experiences in. We make a point of answering all inquiries and making suggestions to customers.

Can you give advice without final specifications?

Just please advise us what you want, then we will suggest and make drawings to consult with customers to see if we can jointly make it happen.

Can you accept our images without drawings?

You do not need to worry. Our staff will consult with you to help make drawings. Your own sketches are good starting points.

Can we test how Porous Chuck is efficient?

We can lend you some samples. In fact, we receive many requests from customers to get an idea of your needs in advance. Therefore, we lend Porous Chuck and Vacuum Equipment as samples.

Can you advise what materials can be processed or not?

First please ask us. We can better discuss if you have sketches, but we can discuss if you could tell us in verval communication if you have firm images.

What materials does Yoshioka Seiko have expertise in processing?

We are good at processing Titanium, Stainless and Aluminum.



What type of person does Yoshioka Seiko is looking for?

We are looking for employees who enjoy craftsmanship, have interests in personal growth and excel in collaborative work environment.

Young people and women look active in Yoshioka Seiko, how are they working exactly?

Active as a design engineer who interviews customers with young and flexible thinking about the images, checks its feasibility, makes drawings, coordinates with manufacturing division, active as a process engineer who coordinates with design engineers and manufactures products with full technologies of high precision manufacturing, and visit customers for technical meetings, arrange and manage necessary materials, manage subcontractors as a key person in manufacturing division, they are indeed necessary for our company. (dangerous subject to touch – this could be seen as age discrimination in the US. I would leave this out).

What is the age range of employees in Yoshioka Seiko?

Our staff range from fresh graduates from school to veterans with many decades of service to the company. (suggestion – employment age is a touchy subject in the US culture. It is common not to touch this type of subject, even if you mean well.

I am knowledgeable about machining and CAD. Can I work for Yoshioka Seiko? I do not have hands-on experience with any processing machines, Can I learn at Yoshioka Seiko?

It is always better to have both knowledge and experiences, but we believe that it is more important to have the right attitude and the correct approach to learning. We believe that knowledge and experiences can be obtained with time as long as the person has the right attitude and the correct approach.

Are sales jobs available?

We do not have sales positions at this time. Processing and Manufacturing staff support customers on the matter of processing and manufacturing based on the idea that all staff perform sales activities. Technical staff and Processing staff visit customers and we take the operation system to respond to business including technical consultation. (personal opinion – this section makes the company look small. It may be true, but you do not need to “advertise” this by including it in the FAQ). It is best to say that because the customer requests are high technical in nature, our sales activities are handled by sales engineers rather than traditional sales staff.

Can I take maternity leave?

Yes, you can take maternity leave for 1 year maximum.