Privacy Policy

Yoshioka Seiko strictly respects the privacy of our customers and acknowledges the importance of the protection of the personal information and hereby observes the act on the protection of the personal information and relevant laws based on the following policy.

  1. We obtain the personal information on a legitimate and a proper method.
  2. About use of the personal information.
    Yoshioka Seiko utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use that is;

    • to confirm the information obtained by customers and to provide our information to customers,
    • to provide related information requested by customers,
    • to provide information of our services, products, improvement of our products and development of our new services, and takes all our measures not to be used beyond the scope.
  3. Secure use of the personal Information with third party

    Yoshioka Seiko shares the personal information provided by the customer with third parties only with the consent of the customer to provide necessary supports and services to the customer and Yoshioka Seiko strictly manages such third parties to protect the personal information.
  4. About Cookie

    Cookie is the information to identify users accessing web servers, which is sent by the website where user brows and held tentatively in the personal computer of the users. Yoshioka Seiko utilizes the information about web site browsed by the customer together with personal information provided by the customer. It may possible to deactivate Cookie on web browser, but there is a possibility that a part of our services on our web site cannot be used.
  5. Providing the Personal Information to third party

    text-indent:-21.0pt;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1">Yoshioka Seiko does not share or provide the personal information provided by the customer with third parties without the consent of the customer unless otherwise requested and ordered by the laws.
  6. About management of personal information

    Yoshioka Seiko maintains the accuracy of the personal information and manages it securely. Yoshioka Seiko will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the personal information from the leakage, diversion or falsification as much as possible.
  7. About disclosure, amendment, suspension and deletion of the personal information

    We disclose, amend, suspend or delete the personal information as requested upon receipt of such request from the customer only for its own personal information after we confirm such request is legitimate. We do not leak the personal information by bringing the personal information out of the company and by means of communication.
  8. About maintaining of our privacy policy

    Our privacy policy will be reviewed and amended at a timely manner whenever our services or products are changed or modified.
  9. Questions on our privacy policy

    We accept questions about our privacy policy byE-mail.
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