Product Information

Product Information

  • Porous Chuck
  • Titanium Flange
  • Bonding Table
  • Tooling for Car Engine Valves
  • Examples


We support you with Reliable and Superior Technologies.

Tooling for Car Engine Valve is a tooling for hot forging that we have been manufacturing since we started the company. We have been in this business for 40years because we have been gaining our customersf confidence and trust. On the other hand, also for our porous chucks and titanium flanges for manufacturing machines of semiconductor, we believe that we have been winning customersf confidence on our continuous research and development to support customersf machines that have been advancing day by day.
Yoshioka Seiko will continue to achieve satisfactory results by gaining confidence and trust from many customers for future long.
Major Customers
  • DISCO Corporation
  • Denka Company Limited.
  • Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  • Canon Inc.
  • Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation
  • Noritake Bonded Abrasive Co.,Ltd.
  • Toyo Kasei Co.,Ltd.
  • Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  • Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  • Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd.

List of examples

Internal Sample 3

We manufactured a HoVaC sample for internal use.

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Internal Sample 2

We manufactured a Porous Chuck Table sample for internal use.

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These are at work on the scenes where reliability and stability are most requested !
  • Dicing Saw

    Dicing Saw

    Thinner wafer can be vacuumed and fixed securely. Productivity increased !

  • Bonder


    Shorten operation time with stable and full surface vacuum !

  • Tape Mounter

    Tape Mounter

    Wafer can be fixed securely. Operational efficiency improved !

  • Poliching Machine

    Polishing Equipment

    Thinner Wafer can be fixed securely and softly. Processing productivity increased !

Scene Application Type of Porous Chuck
Printing Screen Printing, Productin of Paper, Coating Inspection,
Image Measurement
Square Porous Chuck
Round Porous Chuck

Bonding, Dicing, Tape Mount, Polishing Round Porous Chuck
Multi Type Porous Chuck
Collet Type (Projected Table)
Processing Metal Processing, Machining, Laser Processing Round Porous Chuck
Square Porous Chuck
LED Shaping, Grinding, Cutting, Resin Sealing Round Porous Chuck
Multi Type Porous Chuck
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