Bonding Table

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Bonding Table


Bonding Table is a part implemented in Wire Bonder used mainly in the manufacturing process of Semiconductor and an application product of Porous Chuck(Vacuum Chuck)
(Porous Chuck). So far it was popular that the metal plate was engraved of the shape matching Chip design, but the manufacturing process was greatly changed by Chip Size Packaging (CSP). It comes possible to respond to wide variety at low cost by applying full surface vacuum table to the process of wire bonding. High flatness under high temperature is required for Bonding Table.

Please refer to "Examples" for our examples of Bonding Table.

Type of Bonding Table

  • Type A

    Type A

  • Type B

    Type B

  • Type C

    Type C

Specification of Bonding Table

Flatness of vacuum surface Less than 20μm
Body Shape It is possible to process to the shape matching to Chip and Package design.We can make drawings and deliver the products without detailed drawings if there are actual samples or simple sketches.
Body and Porous Materials There are Ceramic Porous and Metal Porous. Ceramic is light and easy to handle, Metal is easy to maintain and high durability.Usually Stainless is used for body, but Titanium is used as a high precision type for its characteristics that can minimize the influence of the temperature change to the table shape. Titanium is 20% lighter and the thermal displacement is 10% smaller than Stainless.
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