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Product Information

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Tooling for Car Engine Valve

Tooling for Car Engine Valves

Tooling for Car Engine valves is a hot forging tooling used for the process manufacturing intake and exhaust valves implemented in 4cycle engine of Cars and Motor cycles.

Totally 24 intake and exhaust valves are used in an engine of gTwin Cam 24valvesh.
High accuracy at the unit of micron is required for manufacturing the valves since intake valves control the flow of fuel mixture into a combustion chamber and exhaust valves control the flow of high temperature gas generated in a combustion chamber.
The most important item for manufacturing these valves is the tooling.
The tooling manufactured by Yoshioka Seiko delivered to valve manufacturer and used in the forging process that is the most important process in manufacturing valves.
Production management technique to respond to wide variety of products and processing technique to manufacture stable quality of products within a constant lead-time are required for manufacturing of the tooling for Car Engine Valves and the harmonization of these techniques is our distinctive technology.
We respond to customersf demands with the superior production management technique and the processing technique by utilizing know-how in manufacturing the tooling for Car Engine Valves for many years.

â Please refer to ""Examples" for the Tooling for Car Engine Valve.

Type of Tooling for Car Engine Valve

  • Before Heat Process, Front

    Before Heat Treatment (front)

  • Before Heat Process, Back

    Before Heat Treatment (back)

  • After Heat Process, Front

    After Heat Treatment (front)

Heat Treatment is done to harden the metal to the level designated on each drawing.

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