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Product Information

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Titanium Flange

Titanium Flange

Titanium Flange is a part implemented in Dicing Saw mainly used in the process of manufacturing Semiconductors.
Blade is thin (about thickness of 20m for thinner one) in order to process with a high yield and Dicing Sawfs spindle holding flange and blade rotates at high speed.

The material of the flange is Titanium that is light and high-rigidity in order to support the high speed rotation.

Accurate rotation deflection is required for the flange to prevent processing defects in dicing due to errors like chipping.

Please refer to "Examples" for Titanium Flange.

Shape of Titanium Flange

  • FrontView

    Front View

  • Ύ_

    Oblique View

  • After Heat Process

    Back View

Specification of Titanium Flange

Rotation Deflection Less than 4m
Taper More than 80
Body Shape It is possible to process to various designs of blades and spindles.
We can also apply to other equipment (Taper/Straight Spindle shapes) than Dicing Saw.
We can make drawings and deliver the products without detailed drawings if there are actual samples or simple sketches.
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